10th March is the launch date for v2 of our successful Inspection App. Functionality built into the main database:

What’s New
Main Changes to system:

Creation of facility types
Sites now allocated to facilities
Equipment items now allocated to facility types
Standard findings allocated to facility types
Standard findings displayed relevant to facility type
Standard findings allocated to finding type (i.e. maintenance, vandalism etc.)
Updates to defect tracking now allow findings to be tracked from the date created through to completion, ‘completing’ a defect will now close all associated entries in the database
Finding types added to App
Compliance findings only visible to Annual Inspectors on App
Filter by groups on App
New findings screen on App showing both the item and the defect
Add to Facility type on App

New group categories:

Organisation Groups (i.e. town, parish, housing parks etc.)
Inspection Routes (sites can be sorted into the same order as they are inspected)
Sites groups (allows several playgrounds in a large park to be grouped together)
Sites can belong to any number of groups

More News & Events

Jon Dalton appointed Managing Director of the Play Inspection Company

The Play Inspection Company are pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Dalton as Managing Director with immediate effect. Keith Dalton has immensely enjoyed his 30-year career within the play industry and will now step aside to become Chairman & CEO.

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Parents fury as councils close playgrounds

Councils have been accused of heavy-handed approach to lockdown measures by closing playgrounds...

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RPII Routine Inspector Course - October 2020

The Play Inspection Company will be running a Routine Inspectors one day Training Course at our Head Office in Poole, Dorset on the Thursday 22nd October 2020

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