Outdoor Play Area Inspections

From initial design and equipment selection all the way through to routine maintenance and ongoing assessment, any organisation or business that installs or manages a children’s play area must take responsibility for the overall safety of the equipment in place.

Whether you need a Post Installation, Annual or Operational play area inspection, our safety experts and RPII registered inspectors are here to help.

We’re committed to providing an efficient, nationwide service at competitive rates, reducing potential risks and giving you and your visitors the peace of mind that the equipment is safe to use and can be freely enjoyed.

Our playground inspection team will ensure that your equipment is inspected and assessed to a number of different standards, including:

Outdoor fitness equipment inspections
  • Playground Equipment & Surfacing - BS EN 1176 & 1177

  • MUGA's (Multi Use Games Areas) - BS EN 15312 - Free Access Multi Sports

  • Skate Parks: BS EN 14974 - Roller Sports Equipment

  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment – BS EN 16630

  • Parkour Equipment – BS EN 16899

Skate park inspections

All of our outdoor play area inspectors are fully qualified to the necessary levels by the RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) and DBS checked, and as with our Post Installation Inspections, our Annual Playground Inspections are only carried out by experts who are trained to the highest possible Annual Level by the RPII.


We have developed a web based inspection system that allows clients to access their own playground records and reports online from any computer or mobile device that has access to the internet using a unique user name and password.

As well as providing the operator with instant access to the standard playground reports; the system also contains a number of other reports that provide useful analysis to help you manage your playground facilities.

Once inspections have been completed, our system can produce site inspection summaries to help managers instantly establish where the highest risk defects are, without having to trawl through hundreds of pages of reports.

Our system can also produce a full site and equipment inventory instantly at the click of a button.

This service is provided free of charge with multiple site Operational and Annual Inspection contracts.

The Play Inspection Company specialises in Post Installation, Annual and Operational playground inspections. Please call or fill out the form on our Contact page for further details and pricing; Sample reports are available by request.

Post Installation Inspections

Playground installation inspections

BS EN 1176 states that every new playground should be subjected to a Post Installation Inspection by an independent inspector to ensure that the playground has been built and installed correctly and that it meets with the requirements of the standards.

Whether you are a local authority, parish council, school, housing developer or community group, you need to ensure that this inspection is carried out. The post installation playground inspection and risk assessment will form a vital part of your overall site risk assessment that is legally required.

The simplest way to achieve this is to specify that the assessment is carried out by an independently registered RPII Annual Inspector on the purchase order or in the tender documents for the playground.

Alternatively, you can specify a Post Installation playground inspection from the Play Inspection Company and be safe in the knowledge that only suitably qualified inspectors will be used by our company.

Annual Playground Inspections

To be carried out by an independent specialist not connected with the playground operator or owner. Essentially we are looking at vandalism, wear and tear, long term structural problems, standards compliance and design, along with risk assessment etc. This report essentially covers the overall safety of the playground.

Operational Playground Inspections

Looking in more detail at the condition of the equipment; providing a quality control check on the more regular inspections and identifying wear and tear on the equipment.

Operational playground inspections

Such inspections should be carried out by an appropriately trained member of staff or alternatively by a suitably qualified specialist and should be recorded. These inspections should be carried out on a quarterly basis as a minimum. The Play Inspection Company can carry out these playground inspections for you, or alternatively provide in-house training courses for your own inspectors.

All reporting is managed via our unique web-based playground inspection software, providing you with easy access to all relevant site information. Your inspections are securely stored with all authorised personnel allocated their own individual usernames and passwords.

Added Value with Inspections

The Play Inspection Company are unique in providing numerous reporting summary tools free of charge with our larger Operational and Annual playground Inspection contracts; please contact us for further information.

Risk Assessment

Playground risk assessments

Risk assessment is an important part of playground safety management if used correctly. We are looking to highlight the hazards that users cannot expect to see and therefore require remedial action; rather than remove the challenge provided by the design of the equipment.

We calculate our Risk Assessment on a 5 x 5 matrix scale, assessing the likelihood of an injury occurring against the severity of the potential injury. Risk Assessing in this manner helps to achieve a sensible overall rating, and gives a clear indication where remedial action is required.

We believe it is pretty much impossible to inspect a playground without carrying out some degree of Risk Assessment; It is therefore included free of charge with all of our inspections.

Other Additional Reporting

At times it can be beneficial to extend the area of playgound reporting to assess for example: Play Value, DDA Accessibility, Equipment Life etc. Any of these services can be quoted as an individual report, or as part of an overall assessment.

Sample reports are available by request

Our playground inspectors are always happy to offer their support and advice and we aim to provide a competitively priced service with inspections tailored to your individual requirements; to discuss any element of school playground safety, or equipment and site assessments, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.



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