Accident Reports & Expert Witness Service

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen, and this may or may not be down to equipment defects, failure to inspect, or inadequate remedial works.

With a huge number of legal cases between them, Keith Dalton and Jon Dalton have more experience than most in dealing with play related accidents. We can provide comprehensive reports to help establish the root cause of the problem, backed up with years of experience and knowledge, should the need arise. Keith and Jon are available to help substantiate or defend any type of claim.

News & Events

March 2017 RPII Operational Inspectors Course - Dorset

The Play Inspection Company are planning a two day RPII accredited Operational Inspection Course on the 29th & 30th March 2017. To register an interest in the course please contact Linda Dominey on 01202 590675 (

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Tragic School Playground Accident and Prosecution

A tragic incident at a Hertfordshire school has once again highlighted the importance of play equipment owners and operators maintaining their equipment in safe working order.

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Toxic paint levels at playgrounds, research suggests

A study has found that paint used on playground equipment contains high amounts of lead - up to 40 times recommended levels - posing a significant risk to young children.

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