The Playground Inspection App


The mobile app for playground inspections

Designed for local authorities and their contractors, this reliable and robust piece of software will help you to ensure compliance while boosting efficiency. A simple, intuitive interface guides you seamlessly through the process of creating and maintaining your play inspection records.

Available on Android and iOS, the play inspection software offers a wide range of useful features and benefits including:

  • Accurate reporting without misinterpretation
  • Easily creating detailed, paperless audit trails
  • All data stored securely, in one place and in one format
  • Highly competitive annual license fee, with no restriction on the number of users
  • The software works without internet access, allowing you to use it in even the most remote locations

View the video below to learn more about the many features and benefits of the Play Inspection app.

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Finding ways to save time while simultaneously improving processes makes great business sense – and our innovative Play Inspection App delivers on both levels.

Playground inspection app

Designed for local authorities and their contractors, this reliable and robust piece of software will help you to ensure compliance and work smarter.

The Play Inspection App streamlines the entire inspection procedure, from site visit through to secure data storage. Whether it’s a new or regular inspection, you can work through every item efficiently and effectively, using the easy and intuitive step-by-step on-screen prompts. It’s not just made for playground inspections either – if you have other assets that require compliance inspections, we can adapt the platform to suit your needs.

Features and functions of the app include:

  • Offline mode - use the software even when you’re not online
  • Select site function - retrieve information quickly
  • Create new report - easily add new sites as required
  • Inspection screen - work through each item that needs assessing
  • Record findings for each individual piece of equipment
  • Take photos or choose from gallery
  • Update details as you go
  • Instantly create inspection reports at end of process
  • Publish report and save straight to the secure server

The Play Inspection App will simplify your compliance processes and allow you to meet work demands much more efficiently. It’s the most modern, functional and user-friendly software of its kind available on the market today.

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Lee McCarthy, Parks Inspector, Fylde Borough Council:

Last year, due to tight financial constraints, budget cuts and new Government connectivity rules, I was asked to look at the software we were using to inspect our children’s play areas and see if we were getting value for money. I invited the Play inspection company in to demonstrate their inspection tool and we have not looked back. As an inspection tool it is simple and easy to use - just what we need.

The reports are client grade, easy to generate, and can be emailed out in seconds. The main benefits I have found as a result of the change are being able to access the system from any computer, especially home, a £2000 saving on the licence fee which can now be invested in spares, real time inspections, and prompt response and customer care from Play Inspection Company. The IT department are very happy as the database is stored on a secure web site and not taking up space on the council's server.

I am very pleased with the system, it is good value for money and I would highly recommend it to anyone who inspects and maintains children's play areas. I would be proud to demonstrate how the system is working at Fylde.

Steve Livesey, Parks Maintenance Technician:

I was very sceptical at first as I thought it would take more time to inspect our play areas and impact on the time we have to carry out repairs. I have found the system to be very user friendly and easy to use; being able to access the system from any computer is a big advantage as I don't have to keep going back to the office. We had a couple of teething problems when the system first went live but these were sorted out within an hour, overall I am very impressed.

Christian Theobald, Assistant Parks Maintenance Technician:

I can only speak from a user's point of view but have found the system change over very smooth; it is easy to use and simple. On the old system if I was out on inspections and the PDA crashed I lost that day's inspections and had to go back to the office to get it sorted out, because the inspections are now recorded on site in real time and stored.

Mark Satchwell, Boroughwide Services Manager, Sandwell MBC:

The introduction of mobile play inspections through the Play Inspection Company has been a major step forward for our service. It has given us an up to date asset register as well as a robust asset management system. The simplicity of the system ensured this was the preferred choice of play maintenance for operatives in Sandwell. We look forward to further developing future asset management utilizing mobile play inspections with the Play Inspection Company.

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