Safer Surfacing (Triax Testing)

There are many myths about playground surfacing, but it is important to understand that the prime purpose of any impact absorbing surface is to prevent serious head injuries (brain damage) to children that may fall from the equipment.

The portable testing equipment we use when carrying out safety surface testing gives a good indication of the impact absorbing properties of any surface and provides the operator with a written record of the surface performance.

We only test using a specially designed Tripod that gives accurate readings within 10mm of the actual drop height. The Tripod we use also ensures that the head form is dropped vertically to further ensure accurate readings.

Playground safety surface testing

Safety Surface testing can be carried out on all types of playground surfaces, ie. sand, bark (loosefill), pea gravel, wetpour, tiles, grassmat etc. Many operators are now specifying that safety surface tests should be carried out at the same time as the Post Installation Inspection to ensure that the surfacing is performing as it should do. We also receive numerous requests to carry out these tests to assist in establishing whether surfaces have performed correctly in the unfortunate event of an accident occurring and from new suppliers of safety surfacing looking for indicative testing on their product performance.

The Play Inspection Company offer competitive rates on safety surface testing, be it standalone or in combination with other inspections. Please contact us for further information and pricing details.

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