Playground Safety Products

2D Inspection Probes

Our 2D playground inspection probe set was designed as a lightweight alternative to the 3D playground inspection probes. Now used by numerous inspection professionals throughout the UK this is one of our most popular products.

The 2D playground inspection probe set includes the following items:

1 No. Chain Link Probe (8.6mm and 12mm ends)
1 No. Finger Probe (8mm and 25mm diameter ends)
1 No. Toggle Tester
1 No. Ring Guage
1 No. E Probe
1 No. Test Template Probe
1 No. C Probe (Small Head - 89mm x 157mm)
1 No. Stepped Probe (Large Head - 230mm diameter)
1 No. Angled Probe (3mm, 5mm and 20mm Radius)
1 No. Carry Case

Our probe set has been fully updated with the revised 2008 standards and is priced at £325.00 Excl. VAT. This price includes postage and packing.

Our 2D playground inspection probes are commonly used in the testing of indoor and outdoor playground areas.


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