About us

Playground and recreational safety consultants and inspectors

The Play Inspection Company was formed in 2004 by some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the play industry and is managed by playground industry specialist Jon Dalton.

Our RPII registered Annual Playground Inspectors and mobile application developers offer a comprehensive service to ensure that your organisation can mitigate the potential risks associated with children’s play areas and recreational equipment.

Since its inception, the Play Inspection Company has rapidly grown in both size and reputation, with numerous additional experienced inspectors regularly joining our ranks in order to satisfy the increased demand for our services.

Our head office is based in Dorset, however our RPII Annual Inspectors are distributed all over the country so that we can easily deliver the most efficient and cost-effective national service in the industry.

Meet the team

Managing Director


Jon Dalton

Keith Dalton

Senior Inspectors

Alan Lingley

Chris Buss

Annual Inspectors

Jamie Leeson

James Law

Richard Sewell

John-Aris Hirst

David Fagan

Kyle Warrington

Martin Lawrence

Robert Baldock

Ross Pringle

Matthew Hall

Dr. Jody Chilton

Leon Pope

Rick Goodson