RPII Operational Training Course

This two day course is aimed at those who are responsible for the operational (Monthly to quarterly) inspections and those in a supervisory or maintence role.

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The Play Inspection Company will issue a Certificate of Training to all participants who complete the course and do not take the RPII Examination. Those completing the course will have the opportunity to take the Register of Play Inspectors International exam for Operational Inspections. This can be organised for the end of the second day at advance notice if required (RPII delegate charges will apply).


BS EN 1176 – The course will cover the relevant aspects of BS EN 1176 Parts 1-7, looking at how it impacts our work in playgrounds and playground safety. With this particular session we are trying to provide guidance and understanding of how to apply the standard.

  • Introduction to Safety
  • The importance of play to children and child development
  • Playground accidents, types, severity and reasons
  • The legal framework for playgrounds and inspectors; negligence etc.
  • Statute Law applicable
  • Types and hierarchy of inspections
  • Risk Assessment
  • Reporting and Paperwork
  • Inspection of specific play items and surfacing
  • Checking of maintenance and other playground actions taken
  • Common faults with standard play items
  • How to inspect, including approaches and ancillary items

General Information

The Play Inspection Company provides training at our client’s premises, thus avoiding the unnecessary expense and hassle of sending employee’s away. Our Trainers will provide all the equipment necessary for this course, and only require a room suitable for training purposes.

Access to two playgrounds is essential for the practical element of the courses and exams (if desired) and it is the client’s responsibility to provide the necessary transportation for the delegates to and from the play areas as necessary.

Please note:
Attendees will be expected to be able to climb and thoroughly inspect play equipment on-site. Due to the practical aspects of this course and possible inclement weather, please wear appropriate clothing.

Training Pack

Training packs will be provided at the course.

To register an interest in the course please contact Linda Dominey on 01202 590675 (linda.dominey@playinspections.co.uk) or use our contact form.

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